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Why I do this

Hi, I am Salmah Tayabee, Certified Functional Nutritional Counselor/Educator and Registered Yoga Teacher. I teach people how to empower themselves to take their health into their own hands.

It all began after my first pregnancy, when I was in a lot of stress, when I developed horrible cystic acne. I had no time for myself, and dermotologists prescribed only antibiotics or suggested Accutane for my acne, with no advice on nutrition, stress management or herbal remedies, on how to help myself!

Desperate, I started to research and read a book "Healing with Whole Foods" by Paul Pitchford, cover to cover, which explained how unbalanced hormones can wreak havoc on your system, when they do not get filtered effectively by your liver! I decided to try an herb, Milk Thistle and in 2 weeks my cystic acne was nearly gone. Learning to detox and learning Yoga, I cured by chronic back ache and destressed, so I could take care of my family better. 

I had learned how to advocate for my own health. I realized nature had cures I could count on and lifestyle shifts mattered and made all the difference.

In the meantime, my life shifted to serving my Real Estate clients to make a living.  I was resourceful, listened to their needs and solved many clients’ real estate problems. 

 Added responsibilities, lots of stress, and ensuing health problems, I wanted to gain control of our health without being completely dependant on doctor’s advice. Mental Health and physical health became a priority.

Searching for more, I earned a Health Coaching Certificate from Integrative Institute of Nutrition in NY in 2011.  In coping with stress in my own life I practice Yoga and yearned to teach others too. 

 In 2018 I became a RYT200 , Registered Yoga Teacher Training Certification. Pranic healing techniques I had learned in Hyderbad years ago along with Yoga helped me in my journey. In 2020 Functional Nutritional Alliance, Full Body Systems Certificate and the Estrozen Detox filled in many more gaps with knowledge about the amazing human body systems and mind.

I continue to educate myself and use science and knowledge gained through these experiences of caring for family to keep health a priority by coping with stress, optimal nutrition, lifestyle habits, healthy digestion, hormonal balance and a wholistic healing of body and mind to lead a better life. 

 If you are as curious as I am about unraveling the keys to a healthy body and mind…

  • Let’s meet in yoga sessions and/or schedule a consultation with me to continue this conversation about YOU.

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